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  Studying at University of Liège

  Preparing your departure

  Upon arriving at the University of Liège

  Before getting back home

Liège and Belgium in a nutshell

The unversity of Liège

>>> To sum up

>>> Welcome Days for exchange students :13 and 14 September 2007
>>> Some pictures of Erasmus activities

Everyday life

Health care

Libraries and computers

Students' life and free time




Welcome to Liège, to our city and our university. We hope that you too will feel that Liège is a friendly and welcoming city. The University of Liège is happy to provide this guide which introduces the country, the area, and the university, and includes a lot of practical information that can help you make the best of your stay here among our students.

Don't hesitate to write your comments to Marta Kucharska. We look forward to meeting you soon..

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