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Aegaeum 22 (2001)
"POTNIA. Deities and Religion in the Aegean Bronze Age"

Proceedings of the 8th International Aegean Conference Göteborg,
Göteborg University, 12-15 April 2000,
edited by Robert Laffineur and Robin Hägg, 1 volume, 496 p., 108 pl. hors texte

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  • Table des Matières

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    • Carol THOMAS and Michael WEDDE, Desperately Seeking Potnia
    • Katerina KOPAKA, A Day in Potnia’s Life. Aspects of Potnia and Reflected “Mistress” Activities in the Agean Bronze Age
    • Krzysztof NOWICKI, Minoan Peak Sanctuaries: Reassessing their Origins
    • Loeta TYREE, Diachronic Changes in Minoan Cave Cult
    • Alan PEATFIELD, Divinity and Performance on Minoan Peak Sanctuaries
    • Stella CHRYSSOULAKI, The Traostalos Peak Sanctuary: Aspects of Spatial Organisation
    • 3. CULT PLACES
    • Veit STÜRMER, ‘Naturkulträume’ auf Kreta und Thera: Ausstattung, Definition und Funktion
    • Lucy GOODISON, From Tholos Tomb to Throne Room: Perceptions of the Sun in Minoan Ritual
    • Daniela LEFÈVRE-NOVARO, Un nouvel examen des modèles réduits trouvés dans la grande tombe de Kamilari
    • Metaxia TSIPOPOULOU, A New Late Minoan IIIC Shrine at Halasmenos, East Crete
    • Maria HIELTE-STAVROPOULOU, The Horseshoe-Shaped and Other Structures and Installations for Performing Rituals in Funeral Contexts in Middle Helladic and Early Mycenaean Times
    • Joseph MARAN, Political and Religious Aspects of Architectural Change on the Upper Citadel of Tiryns. The Case of Building T
    • Evangelos KYRIAKIDIS, The Economics of Potnia: Storage in ‘Temples’ of Prehistoric Greece
    • Gabriele ALBERS, Rethinking Mycenaean Sanctuaries
    • Philip P. BETANCOURT, The Household Shrine in the House of the Rhyta at Pseira
    • Athanasia KANTA and Anastasia TZIGOUNAKI, The Character of the Minoan Goddess. New Evidence from the Area of Amari
    • Pietro MILITELLO, Archeologia, iconografia e culti ad Haghia Triada in età TM I
    • Nicola CUCUZZA, Religion and Architecture: Early LM IIIA2 Buildings in the Southern Area of Haghia Triada
    • Erik HALLAGER, A Waste Deposit from a LBA-Shrine in Khania (?)
    • Katie DEMAKOPOULOU and Nicoletta DIVARI-VALAKOU, Evidence for Cult Practice at Midea: Figures, Figurines and Ritual Objects
    • Rainer FELSCH, Opferhandlungen des Alltagslebens im Heiligtum der Artemis Elaphebolos von Hyampolis in den Phasen SH IIIC - Spätgeometrisch
    • Birgitta EDER, Continuity of Bronze Age Cult at Olympia? The Evidence of the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Pottery
    • Eleni KONSOLAKI-YANNOPOULOU, New Evidence for the Practice of Libations in the Aegean Bronze Age
    • Vincenzo LA ROSA, Minoan Baetyls: Between Funerary Rituals and Epiphanies
    • Jeffrey SOLES, Reverence for Dead Ancestors in Prehistoric Crete
    • Robert KOEHL, The ‘Sacred Marriage’ in Minoan Religion and Ritual
    • Christine MORRIS, The Language of Gesture in Minoan Religion
    • Geraldine GESELL, The Function of the Plaque in the Shrines of the Goddess with Up-Raised Hands
    • Bernice JONES, The Minoan “Snake Goddess.” New Interpretations of her Costume and Identity
    • Elsa PAPATSAROUCHA, Le sanctuaire représenté en fragments : un aspect de l’iconographie talismanique
    • Elizabeth FRENCH, The Mycenae Figures
    • Sylvie MÜLLER-CELKA, Les personnages féminins des perles mycéniennes en verre bleu
    • Stefan HILLER, Potnia/Potnios Aigon. On the Religious Aspects of Goats in the Aegean Late Bronze Age
    • Dimitra ROUSIOTI, Did the Mycenaeans Believe in Theriomorphic Divinities?
    • Birgitta P. HALLAGER, The Ram in Cutlic Contexts?
    • 8. CONTEXT
    • Vassos KARAGEORGHIS, The Great Goddess of Cyprus Between the Aegeans and the “Eteocypriots”
    • Assaf YASUR-LANDAU, The Mother(s) of all Philistines? Aegean Enthroned Deities of the 12th-11th Century Philistia
    • Anna Lucia D’AGATA, Religion, Society and Ethnicity on Crete at the End of the Late Bronze Age. The Contextual Framework of LM IIIC Cult Activities
    • Helène WHITTAKER, Reflections on the Socio-Political Function of Mycenaean Religion
    • Jan DRIESSEN, Crisis Cults on Minoan Crete?
    • Alison BARCLAY, The Potnia Theron: Adaptation of a Near Eastern Image
    • Robert LAFFINEUR, Seeing is Believing: Reflections on Divine Imagery in the Aegean Bronze Age
    • Eva RYSTEDT, A New (Old) Mycenaean Scene of Worship
    • Cécile BOËLLE, Po-ti-ni-ja : unité ou pluralité ?
    • Catherine TRÜMPY, Potnia dans les tablettes mycéniennes : quelques problèmes d’interprétation
    • Sarah MORRIS, Potnia Aswiya: Anatolian Contributions to Greek Religion
    • John KILLEN, Religion at Pylos: The Evidence of the Fn Tablets
    • Lisa BENDALL, The Economics of Potnia in the Linear B Documents: Palatial Support for Mycenaean Religion
    • Joan GULIZIO, Kevin PLUTA and Thomas G. PALAIMA, Religion in the Room of the Chariot Tablets
    • Louis GODART, La Terre Mère et le monde égéen
    • Anna SACCONI, Les repas sacrés dans les textes mycéniens
    • Marie Louise NOSCH and Massimo PERNA, Cloth in the Cult
    • Peter HAIDER, Minoan Deities in an Egyptian Medical Text
    • Thomas G. PALAIMA, A Linear-B-Inscribed ‘Herring’ from Göteborg: An Ichthyomorphic Epiphany