The redox-dependent regulation of bolting and flowering in rosette-type plants

Ken'ichi Ogawa, Aya Hatano-Iwasaki, Mototsugu Yanagida and Kenji Henmi
Research Institute for Biological Sciences Okayama (RIBS Okayama), 7549-1 Yoshikawa, Okayama 716-1241, Japan

Generally, biotic and abiotic stresses affect the flowering time of plants, but the mechanism of stress action is not clearly understood. Stress alters the cellular redox (reduction and oxidation) status in plants, and we have shown that the redox regulating factor glutathione (GSH) is associated with flowering in the rosette-type plants, Arabidopsis thaliana and Eustoma grandiflorum. We are now investigating the GSH-associated flowering pathway, and we present here our recent work on the stress-stimulated flowering involving GSH in rosette-type plants.

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