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- Talamali A, Kinet JM, Dutuit P:
Floral plasticity in Atriplex halimus


- Suárez-López P:
Long-distance signals that control flowering time

Minireviews of research activity

- Bey M, Müller BM, Lauri A, Zachgo S:
Downstream of DEFICIENS: Towards the isolation of target genes
- Hernould M, Bereterbide A, Farbos I, Glimelius K, Mouras A:
Cytoplasmic male sterility in tobacco: A plant genetic disease curable by gene therapy
- van Nocker S, Ransom C:
Towards a molecular understanding of vernalization: A genetic analysis of pleiotropic regulators of the flowering-time switch FLC
- Ogawa K, Hatano-Iwasaki A, Yanagida M, Henmi K:
The redox-dependent regulation of bolting and flowering in rosette-type plants


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