All the material related to IGCP-580 activities are now available on the same page, under the heading project documentation. It includes a list of the papers published in relation to IGCP-580, all the abstract books and field trip guide books, all the annual reports and all the trainings.


Information about the next meeting is already available.

Pictures of IGCP-580/596 meeting in Canada, training core wrokshop and abstract book available there



Bábek O., Kalvoda, J., Cossey P., Šimíček D., Devuyst F.X., Hargreaves, S. (2013) Facies and petrophysical signature of the Tournaisian/Viséan (Lower Carboniferous) sea-level cycle in carbonate ramp to basinal settings of the Wales-Brabant massif, British Isles. Sedimentary Geology, 284–285, 197–213

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IGCP-580 meeting in Calgary, Canada - First circular available here

In the framework of this meeting, we invite you to submit your research to a Special Publication of the Geological Society of London. Special Publications are renowned throughout the global Geoscience community for their high quality of science and production. They represent a state-of-the-art treatment of their subject matter. The Society has high standards of quality control for book proposals, and the volume editors are required to undertake full peer review of all papers to the standards expected for our journals.



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> Meeting in Calgary, Canada (27th Aug. - 4th Sept. 2013)

> Meeting in Austria, Graz (24-30 th June 2012)

Graz meeting

> Special session in Brussels, Geologica Belgica international meeting (11-14 sept. 2012, Brussels, Belgium).



> Special session in Brisbane Australia, 34thIGC (July 2012).


- 2013 Final year of our project and final meeting: If anyone is interested to organize this final meeting, please get in touch with me (ac.dasilva@ulg.ac.be).

- For the end of our project, we would like to propose a thematic book (Special issue of the Geological society of London or …). If you are interested you can already keep some interesting data for this issue, 2013 is approaching very fast.

2011 Meeeting in Czech Republic:

- Pictures of the meeting are available at there (thanks to Pavel Lisy)

- Abstract books and field trip guide book of the third IGCP-580 meeting in Prague are available at this address: http://home.gli.cas.cz/hladil/KRS2011/

- Training lectures are available there, thanks to F. Hrouda and M. Chadima.

- Group picture from the Third IGCP-580 meeting in Prague (Czech Republic).

IGCP-580 Prague meeting

Group picture from the Second (2010) IGCP-580 meeting in Guilin (China). Further pictures on this page.

Group picture from the First IGCP-580 meeting in Liège (Belgium). Further pictures on this page.

IGCP-580 liege meeting

- The special issue of Geologica Belgica related to the IGCP project is available there.








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