Bruxelles National Airport to Liege

By your own

We strongly recommend to use the train Airport City Express (every twenty minutes) which travels between Brussels-National-Airport and Brussels-Midi Station with a change at Brussels-Nord Station. It takes about 15 minutes to get from Brussels National Airport to Brussels-Nord Station.

At Brussels-Nord Station change for the train to Liège-Guillemins Station. The ticket should be bought at the National Airport Station (or it is possible to by our ticket online five days before the travelling date), the cost of the ticket is about 11.9 EUR. The trains to Liege are every half an hour.

Check Timetables or buy tickets

Liege to Colonster

By your own

Although, in all likelihood, a special bus will be available for transportation of the conference participants, regular bus n° 48 - Liege-CHU and 58 - Opéra-Boncelles can be used. It takes about 20-30’ from the city center to the campus of Sart Tilman.

The bus network covers the whole city. All buses are operated by a driver and you are requested to get in from the front door and get off from the rear door. You may request to stop at the next bus stop by pushing the yellow button at the window pillar. When getting in, you have to pay to the bus driver the fees for the ticket (1.2 EUR).

Note that the nearest bus stop is quite far from the castel of Colonster.

The way of bus 48 in the campus of Sart Tilman
The way of bus 48 in Liege (center city)
The way of bus 58 in the campus of Sart Tilman
The way of bus 58 in Liege (center city)

Of course, personal car or taxi can also be a solution. For taxi, the fare from the centre of Liège is of the order of 15 EUR.