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This topic includes research into: molecular characterization of neuronal precursors, transplantation of neural stem cells, in vivo and in vitro differentiation of stem cells, gene expression analysis in neuronal precursors.

This topic includes research into: cellular resistance to metabolic, hypoxic, toxic, ... stresses, functional characterization of molecular chaperones in neurons and glia, use of a stress response as biomarker of exposition to toxins, study of the stress response in luciferase-HSP70 transgenic mice and in various mutant mice.

This topic includes research into : blood osmolarity under osmotic stress in different field conditions - Ions fluxes in isolated gills of euryhaline crustaceans (Eriocheir sinensis , Carcinus maenas...) - Effects of pollutants on ions gill fluxes and blood osmolarity control in estuarine species.

This topic includes research into : the effects of high hydrostatic pressure on cellular functions related to membrane-localized processes in euryhaline fishes and crustaceans - pressure effects on energy metabolism, respiration, adenylate energy charge , blood osmotic effectors, or enzyme activity - Pressure can be applied acutely or during an acclimation process in a high-pressure aquarium.

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